Water jet cutting does not stress the material that is being cut, but cutting is extremely efficient and fast. The method has many progressive advantages.

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Tight cooperation combined with high quality execution ensures that our customers receive a service experience that they value greatly.

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We have had the honour of carrying out e.g. the outer cladding of Hotel Scandic Simonkenttä, for which we cut hundreds of aluminium panels with water.

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Water jet cutting from Vaasa

An efficient cutting method from a long-standing professional

UltraCut Oy, based in Vaasa, is a company specialised in high-pressure water jet cutting. The company has worked with the technique since its early days. Water jet cutting is a fast, environment- and material-friendly technique that fits the needs of almost every industry. With this technique we have produced outer cladding panels for hotels, interior parts for luxury cruise ships, structural parts for water lifting devices, etc.  Read more about the technique!

Water jet cutting has been used to solve even those problems that have appeared with other cutting techniques. In addition to cutting, we provide further processing of elements all the way to finished products. Bending, machining, welding, and planning are all carried out under the same roof, and comprehensive finishing possibilities with flexible delivery times are routine for us. Thanks to our extensive selection of materials, we are capable of fast deliveries as well. Our selection spans e.g. aluminium (5754, 6082), stainless steel, acid-proof steel, steel, and different kinds of rubber, plywood, and copper. We serve customers all around Finland.

Water cuts from the best in the industry

We operate openly, honestly, and flexibly. Our customers know what they are paying for, and how much they are paying. We always adapt the scope of our services to fit their needs. Through good service and high-quality work we have gained the confidence of many customers, and we have often been selected as the best supplier of the year. Our company is known as a reliable subcontractor for demanding projects as well.

Read more about our practices, contact us, and ask about the water jet cutting method for your company’s needs!