Fibre laser cutting

Extremely effective

production method.


Fiber laser cutting is suitable for a variety of materials

We use a new Eagle 12kW + 6G fiber laser cutter. Fiber laser is particularly effective in cutting stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper. In addition, fiber laser can be used to make markings, which the water jet cutting method cannot.

The fiber laser method is capable of cutting, for example:

  • 60mm thick stainless steel
  • 50mm thick aluminium
  • 30mm thick brass
  • 25mm thick copper

Sheet maximum size is 1500mm x 3000mm.

Efficient and accurate cutting method

As already stated, fiber laser is an exceptionally efficient and fast cutting method. However, in addition to its production efficiency, it is also very accurate. 

Fiber laser speed and accuracy in performing extremely complicated cut patterns is almost confusing. In the video below, you can see how the conveyor table accelerates at 6G between cuts. For example, the Saturn V launcher used in the Apollo program accelerated at best by “only” 4G.

Fiber laser is a significant development leap compared to the conventional CO₂ laser cutting. In the fiber laser, the cutting beam is created in the fiber from which it is guided to the cutting head of the machine. Thus, the method produces twice the amount of power at the same voltage. In addition, the energy consumption of the fiber laser is significantly lower than that of a CO₂ laser.

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