Our operation is based on open, fair, and tight interaction with the customer

Our customers have often named us the supplier of the year. We have reached this situation by acting openly and honestly, and by developing the collaboration with the customer.

When collaborating, everything starts with professional planning, so that we can assist in e.g. using the material efficiently. Our tender calculation has standardised parameters that determine the price. In this way, our customers know right from the start how much things are going to cost. Acting openly has led to long-term collaborations, which helps us learn our partner companies’ practices and makes everything work smoothly, flawlessly, and efficiently.

Service package that matches the customer’s need

We adjust the extent of our delivery entirely to the customer’s need. Often collaboration begins with just water jet cutting, but it is possible to include different types of reprocessing, such as machining, bending, welding, painting, and different surface finishings. Today we can serve you with planning as well, enabling our customers to get their product into production faster.

Good networks enable turnkey deliveries

In Vaasa there is a concentration of small and medium-sized subcontractors, which makes it possible for large companies to benefit efficiently from local expertise. UltraCut Oy has risen up to the challenge by networking with companies from different industries to be able to provide turnkey deliveries to customers.

Interested in our service? Ask us about the water jet cutting method for your project! Visit the technique section as well and read about the method and its possibilities.