Water jet cutting technique

Water jet cutting technique

The method provides efficient but safe cuts from Vaasa throughout Finland

UltraCut Oy from Vaasa is an expert in water jet cutting that has been using the technique since its early days. The water jet cutting technique is suited for almost all materials, both soft and hard. Actually, it would be easier to list the materials for which it is not suited for. For example, pure water can be used to cut soft materials, such as different kinds of plywood, fibreglass, plastic, rubber, sealant, etc.

When the thickness and density of the material increases, we move on to cutting with an abrasive. This method involves adding very fine sand into the water stream, which multiplies the cutting power of the water jet. This method can be used to cut most hard materials, such as different kinds of steel, copper, aluminium, glass, stone, etc.

Water jet cutting is an environment- and material-friendly method with many advantages

We have used water jet cutting to solve problems that other cutting methods have run into! Water jet cutting treats the material well. The intrinsic properties of the raw material remain unchanged during and after the procedure. For example, the element does not become hot when drilling through it. One key factor is also that water jet cutting leaves a very tidy cut edge. It does not damage or bend the surface of the material. Cutting complex geometry with water is quick and easy.

In terms of speed, water jet cutting cannot compete with gas, plasma, or laser cutting, but that can be efficiently compensated for by adding more cutting heads and a smaller need for reprocessing. Usually there is no need for finishing the elements, but we can take care of that as well if needed. The smallest possible diameter for jets cutting with pure water is 0.05 mm, and 0.9 mm for abrasive jets.

Contact the water jet cutting technique frontrunner

Contact us and ask for water jet cutting for your project! We have used this technique to cut e.g. outer cladding panels for hotels, interior parts for luxury cruise ships, structural parts for water lifting devices, different flange solutions for diesel engines, insulating plates for transformers, etc. We are located in Vaasa, but we serve customers throughout Finland. We provide tailor-made solutions according to the customers’ needs.

We have the following machines at our disposal:

Pure water jet:

  • Cutting area 1500 mm x 3000 mm
  • Cutting heads: 4
  • Possible materials: fibreglass, plastics, rubber, plywood...

Abrasive jet 1:

  • Cutting area 3050 mm x 6050 mm
  • Cutting heads: 4
  • Possible materials: aluminium, steel, copper, brass, stone, fibreglass...

Abrasive jet 2:

  • Cutting area 2100 mm x 4500 mm
  • Cutting heads: 3
  • Possible materials: aluminium, steel, copper, brass, stone, fibreglass...

Suction cup crane:

  • Suction cup lifting capacity 2000 kg
  • Does not scratch plates!
  • Hoist 10000 kg

Metal finishing vibrator:

  • For metal parts (removes rust and sharp edges)
  • Element size max. 250x250 mm